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Made to order. Allow 1-3 weeks for shipping.

Hekate Rosary comes in 117 (9×13), 81 (9×9), and 54 (9×6) bead versions.

Made of cleansed and consecrated bone and stone: snake vertebrae, buffalo bone, selenite, grey moonstone, smoky quartz, hypersthene, onyx, tourmaline, and hematite. Hand formed onto genuine sterling silver wire with a large rough tourmaline drop bead and a locket hand stamped with Hekate’s Wheel/Strophalos. Can come with a fine silver Strophalos centerpiece or pendant for an additional charge.

Locket is a couple millimeters deep and can hold herbs, oil-soaked paper, further stones, coins, small keys, sigils, or anything else you desire to deepen your connection to the rosary and allow it to better fit your purpose. Locket includes a small disk of black cardstock ready for sigilizing.

Rosary comes in a black velvet drawstring bag with suggested prayer and instructions.

No specific charging, consecration, or magic has been done to these rosaries besides being formed with intention, the stones cleansed and thanked, and left to sit on a Hekate altar for at least 24 hours before being sent out. It can be consecrated and dedicated to Hekate for an additional charge, or you can do such workings yourself.

Can be utilized in prayers, spells, workings, devotionals, as a focal piece for many types of magical workings, or in any way you choose.

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Products are magical jewelry, formed with intention and stored upon a Hekate altar for at least 24 hours prior to shipping. However, items have not been consecrated as talismans or ritually imbued with spirit unless otherwise stated.

Item is made to order, please allow 1-3 weeks for shipping.

Image is an example of the product you will receive. Each piece is handmade to order in my home studio. Some unique variations and small defects will occur as a result of the creation process, however all pieces are held to a high standard and will not be sent out with cracks or other defects that could affect the integrity of the piece.

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117 (9×13) beads, 81 (9×9) beads, 54 (9×6) beads}

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