Astrology Readings

Astrology is a clock on the universal scale, marking the snapshot of the universe at any particular moment and the forces that are at play at that time. Your birth chart is a snapshot of the universe specific to the day, time, and place that you were born. This is an indicator of the universal forces at play in your own life and how your own particular universe melds or clashes with the current astroweather.

Work together begins with a natal reading to get us acquainted. The first reading is always based on your natal chart, but will be tailored to your level of knowledge. Don’t know anything about astrology? We will go over the basics. Know your chart backwards and forwards? We can tune in together and rumble with any questions you might have, you can get my interpretation and we can chat about it, or we can begin to bring in current transits or progressions if you would prefer. It is up to you and your interest.

Once we have done an initial reading, there are many other reading options, as outlined below. In future readings we can bring in current transits, another person’s chart, or electing a time to do something (like perform a ritual, start/announce something, etc.).

Readings currently being held only via Zoom video due to covid.